Information Technology

Information Technology is a relatively new field which has made life easier and information more accessible which has greatly benefited businesses and individuals. With new fields having ever-expanding horizons come new challenges and the IT growth has exposed the world to a plethora of new challenges, not just in the way business is done but also basic interactions. The world has changed to such an extent that there are terabytes of data just floating around in the digital realm and in the hidden corners of this reals lurk crackers, unethical hackers, abusers, pirates, waiting to take advantage of negligence or perpetrate a fraud,
or take advantage of someone’s lack of knowledge.

At LexarLegal we help our client navigate the digital expanse and help them avoid commercial pitfalls, compliance with IT Laws, Rules and Guidelines, provide advice for Legal Compliance and drafting and contract management services for Ecommerce and online business.

We help our clients with
Cyber Crime Cases
IPR Protection in Cyberspace
GDPR Compliance
Protect IP Cyberspace
Digital Entertainment
Digital Evidence
Cyber Security
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
E-Com Compliance
Online Gaming Laws
Data Security
Security Practices & Compliance
IT Law Compliance
Ecommerce Agreements
IoT Legal Compliance
Privacy Laws
Criminal Enforcement


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